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About Armourdillo Protection For Your Vespa GTS
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Precision engineered in the UK

About Us

Necessity is the mother of invention.

I’ve owned many Vespa GTS models and have been driven crazy by the rear ‘Pod’ panels being dinged and scraped, mostly by other people when parked. Especially these days where parking spaces are so scarce and everyone is constantly squeezing other scoots and bikes closer together to create another space, panel scrapes and dents are more common than ever. So if you want to either prevent damage, or even cover existing marks, fit these beautifully engineered ArmourDillo pods to your Vespa GTS, and rest assured they take the punishment and not your pride and joy.


Formed in super tough Acrylic coated ABS plastic they really can take a lot of grief and retain their strength, shine and protective integrity, to a large extent saving the original paintwork.


I accidently dropped my GTS 300 off the side stand, it crunched down on the right-hand side. Feeling rather sick I picked it up and amazingly found only small scuffs in the ArmourDillo cover, underneath that, the Scooter’s rear panel was unmarked. If, like me, you do this, single side replacement ArmourDillo panels are available.

By fitting ArmourDillo Pods you could avoid the high cost and inconvenience of repairing your valuable machine.
Available in both Carbon effect Black and deep Metallic Sliver, the option of creating the classic Vespa 2-tone look is effectively and easily achieved, whilst still protecting your beloved Vespa GTS.

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About Us