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How they fit
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Precision engineered in the UK

How they fit

ArmourDillo full rear panel protection for the Vespa GTS range. 

Available in Silver Metalic or Black Carbon Fibre effect. Made of extremely tough 3mm Acrylic Coated ABS.


Click here for a PDF copy of the fitting instructions ArmourDillo Fitting


fitting2To fit your ArmourDillo Pods you will need a 5mm Allen Key, A Phillips Screwdriver and if your model is a later one, a Torx T30 Driver. These are available as a fitting kit. Which can be purchased from: www.armourdillo-protect.com



fitting3  Lift the Seat

fitting4  Remove the under-seat Storage Tub

fitting5  Remove the Fuel Filler Cap.
(Obviously don’t smoke or have any naked flames at this point or things might go Bang!)

fitting6  Remove the Rubber O-Ring/Gromit from the Fuel Filler Nozzel.



Remove the 4 Grab Rail/Rear Moulding 5mm Allen Bolts. If your model is a later one you will need the Torx T30 driver for front bolts.
Leave the grab rail attached at the rear mount (behind the Chrome ‘Vespa’ Badge)


fitting8  Lift off the black plastic moulded cover



With a Philips Cross Head Screwdriver or if yours is a late model a Torx T30 driver, remove the 2 bolts holding the seat lock mechanism



fitting10  Take 2 of the supplied washers and place them underneath the seat lock



Align 1 Washer with each of the 2 bolt holes and place the Lock Mechanism back. Taking care to keep the washers in place. This raises the lock slightly to make engagement in the Seat Latch easier




Re-fit the 2 Lock Mechanism bolts, making sure the 2 washers are held in place and everything is secure and tight



fitting13  Place the Black Plastic Moulding back in place. Don’t re-fit the bolts yet

fitting14  Replace the Rubber O-Ring/Gromit to the Fuel Filler Nozzel

fitting15  Replace the Filler Cap.
(Still Don’t smoke – it will kill you)

fitting16  Take either side ArmourDillo Pod
(this the left, but you can fit either side first)



Offer the lower lip Mounting Tab of the ArmourDillo (by the hand in the picture) to the lower trim panel of the scooter and hook it up and into place.



fitting18  Hinge the ArmourDillo into place tightlyagainst the rear bodywork



Whilst tucking both Top Mounting Lugs underneath the Black Plastic Moulding/Grab Rail



fitting20  Position the ArmourDillo so it sits tight against the bodywork


And align the bolt holes. You may need to jiggle things around and possibly initially use something pointed in the hole to achieve this. It’s worth putting a bolt in and turning with fingers to find the thread bite point. Do not force/cross-thread the bolts



fitting22  Re-fit the 2 bolts on this side. Short front / Long rear.  Leave loose

fitting23  That’s the left ArmourDillo fitted

fitting24  Nice

fitting25  Take the other ArmourDillo ( the right side now)

fitting26  Hook the Lower Mounting Tab under the scooter  lower panel trim

fitting27  Lift and press the ArmourDillo up and against your scooter bodywork



While tucking the 2 Top Mounting Tabs underneath the Black Plastic Moulding/Grab Rail



fitting29  Push the ArmourDillo firmly into place

fitting30  And align the bolt holes

fitting31  Re-fit Both Grab Rail bolts. Nip up Tight

fitting32  Now tighten all 4 Grab Rail / Plastic rear Moulding Bolts

fitting33  Ensure they are all tight and secure

fitting34  Re-fit the under seat Storage Tub



Lower the Seat and make sure it clicks into the Lock Mechanism and releases correctly. If excessive pressure is needed to engage the seat latch, fit the extra 2 (supplied) Washers on top of the others you fitted earlier


fitting36  Now step back and admire your ArmourDillo protective Pods

If for any reason you doubt or are concerned about the security and safety of your fitting of this ArmourDillo-Protect product, get your installation checked by a qualified Motorcycle Mechanic.

Every couple of months we recommend you remove your ArmourDillo and clean any accumulated dirt or grit from behind each side.
Ride Safe!

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How they fit